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I recommend advertising in any of the Palm Beach Gardens Best Version Media magazines because it is important for the community to know more about you as a business than who you are. These magazines provide a platform for local businesses to tell their story, show residents what they can do for them, and offer them services and deals, etc. For the Maltz Jupiter Theatre we have a conversation within our copy as we tell a particular story about the Theatre, what's happening, give more details about an upcoming show, or simply just to remind them about an event. We can't do all of this with just an ad, so we appreciate the opportunity to provide both.  

Jennifer Sardone | Maltz Jupiter Theatre

I have been advertising in the Resort Living magazine for several months now. As a new business, I have found it very beneficial. The magazine has brought in several patients. Not only has it brought patients from my ads, but also from name recognition. In other words, patients with vision insurance that are looking at the list of providers choose us because they recognize us from the ads. I highly recommend Best Version Media as a great marketing tool.
Erin Case | Elite Vision Care

I wanted to thank you for the interview and opportunity to be in your most beautiful magazine.   I am so impressed with the quality of the magazine, and I mean it when I say I read it cover to cover.   I like it because it’s a quick read.   I can go through it quickly, and I am always interested in my neighbors.  I also look at the advertisement too.  I can honestly say that I don’t do that with any other magazine other than my industry magazines.   So you have a good quality periodical that is something that catches my eye and attention every month.  

Audrey | Gardens Living 

I have been advertising with David & Janet Roy for months now. They are good people to work with; very friendly, always keeping me up to date when articles are due, very helpful. The magazines are great to advertise in;  I would highly recommend using them for promoting your business and services.
Peter Marcello | Palms Pool Services, LLC

We started advertising in Resort Living Magazine in April 2015 and got our first member within a month. I have found working with the company to be very easy. They are professional and very helpful with the ads and advice regarding what works in their magazine.  

Robert Prince | Title Boxing Club - Palm Beach Gardens

One of the best advertising mediums I have found. The magazines are very professional looking, and the material and articles inside make people want to read each page!! David & Janet Roy are very hands on, and they always follow up and go above and beyond to make sure that your investment is making you money. Resort Living magazine is well worth your advertising investment. 

Dhiren Pathak | Owner Flower Kingdom 

"I can certainly attest that advertising with this company works! Our name and our exemplary students are getting out into the community. Can't say thank you enough!" 

Denise Spirou | Director of the Weiss School

My wife and I were out to dinner with friends one night and noticed a woman at another table was smiling at me.  And, every time I turned around, there she was, smiling at me again.  Well, when it was time to get up to leave, this woman walks over to us and says, "you're the couple in Resort Living, aren't you?"  Boy, was I surprised, or maybe I shouldn't have been.  Resort Living is a targeted publication, that is delivered to everyone in my development and from I can tell, everyone in my development enjoys it!  It's an easy read, well designed with local ads, and the interview-a-neighbor concept is killer.  We look forward to every issue.  

Richard Goldberg | Sir Speedy Tequesta


"After our first article, we received four phone calls from potential customers. We closed three of those four leads from the FIRST article! In my experience with print advertising, I would say that this unexpected ROI proves this concept of advertising WORKS! 

Amanda Lairsey | ONEWAY Roofing

"We are pleased with the results of our advertising. The magazine's community/neighborly approach ties in with the experience patients have coming to our warm and friendly practice. We especially like being able to write articles for the magazine. In fact, when I wrote about CEREC one-day crowns, we had a record 19 new patient phone calls and garnered two new patients. It is a pleasure working with David and Janet Roy. 

Dr. David Yates | Gardens Dental Care

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